3D Illusion LED Skull Lamp 9.5″

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This 3D Illusion Lamp is an energy efficient LED lamp that looks like a 3 dimensional holographic object. Precision laser cutting allows the light to be internally reflected, tricking your eyes with an optical illusion creating an amazing & attention grabbing 3D holographic picture. With 8 different LED Colour modes, you can create different moods in any room. Making you feel relaxed & calm, energetic, meditative or just happy! The pattern can be made to be continuously cycling or a steady colour. A calming light to suit any mood in any room. Makes a great gift for anyone of any age. Perfect for the bedroom, a child’s room, living room, bar, man cave, shop, café and restaurant. Never gets hot – safe to touch. Glowing low power LEDs have a life span of around 10,000 hours. Only 5mm thick. Connects to a USB port or you can also use Three AAA batteries (not included). Energy saving power consumption- 0.012kw.h/24 hours. Age 12+.

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