Chili Light -Red Chili Pepper

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This set features a plug at one end and an end connector at the other end, for connecting sets together. Connect only with other miniature sets. Do not connect more then 3 miniature sets together.
This is a series set made with push-in type bulbs. Do not twist the bulbs.
To function properly, all bulbs must be firmly seated in their socket. If a bulb is loose or removed from its socket, the set will not light.
Each bulb, except the flasher bulb contains a shunting device designed to keep the set operating if the bulbs burns out. Burned out bulbs left in the set may cause other bulbs to overheat. Replace burned out bulbs to prolong the life of the set.
This set can flash by replacing a steady burning bulb with a clear Red-Tipped 3.5 volt Flasher Bulb, as provided with this product.

Number of Bulbs – 35
Spacing Between Bulbs – 6 inches
Length of Set- 20 feet
Replacement Fuses – 3Amp, 120 Volts
Replacement Bulbs – 3.5 Volt
add – a – string
indoor use only

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