Magic Fire Flys

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With Magic Fire Fly you control the light! Show Empty hands. Grab glowing Fire Fly’s right out of thin air! With your Fingertip fittings, press to activate the led lights, and a with little practice, magic fire Fly’s are easy and fun to pass from hand to hand, and through solid objects! Watch your friends , family or audience be amazed and dazzled as you insert a Magic Fire Fly into one ear and pull it out the other. Or swallow the Magic Fire Fly Light and pull it out your belly button or ….butt lol. Toss it in the air and catch it with your other hand. Place the light in one drawer and pull it out the next drawer…..there are an endless number of tricks and illusions you can do with Magic Fire Fly. Specially designed, Magic Fire Fly comes with special fittings to fit both children and adults. It’s fun you can bring anywhere anytime. Best results are in a low light environment. So use them at night or turn the lights down or off and stun your audience.

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