Magnetic Shape Shifting Cubes Asst. 2.25″

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These super cool Magnetic Shape Shifting Cubes contain 12 Rare Earth Magnets that make playing with these cubes a pleasurable playing experience. The goal is to unlock over 72 Geometric Shapes that this cube can shape shift into. As ordinary that this cube looks, it is very challenging and gives you a wide range of different kaleidoscope effects as you manipulate ethe cube through all its possible geometric configurations. The built in magnets pull and hold the shapes together as you attempt to unlock all 72 shapes and then manage to get it back to the original cube form you started with. Collect them all and connect and combine different ones for building even larger geometric structures. This puzzle relieves stress, takes your mind off the worries of the world for a while and challenges you while it builds your sensory, and eye and creativity skills. For ages 6+. Master Case is 12pcs.

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